Simply Scrumptious Southern Sweets
by Patricia B. Mitchell

Simply Scrumptious Southern Sweets

This book contains “five streams of Southern sweetness,” says the author: nostalgic family recipes, church-dinner desserts, traditional close-to-the-land sweets, exuberantly sensual Gulf Coast treats, and health-conscious offerings. Published 1991. 39 recipes, 37 pages. 5.5 x 8.5 inches. Soft cover, saddle-stitched. ISBN-13: 0-925117-39-7. ISBN-10: 0-925117-39-0.

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About the Book

Full of entertaining personal comments and recollections, Simply Scrumptious Southern Sweets, by Patricia B. Mitchell, is, like many of her books, much more than just a collection of recipes. It is a keepsake of Southern culture, containing little snippets of “Southern stuff” such as anecdotes and historical literary references.

Delectable treats like “Southern Surprise Lemon Pies,” “Cousin Wanda's Pumpkin Roll,” “Jackson Square Cake,” and “Sweet Beaver Fudge” are a few of the outstanding recipes in Simply Scrumptious Southern Sweets. This book is virtually irresistible.

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