That Palace in Washington:
An Anecdotal History of White House Entertaining 1800–1850

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An overview of food and entertaining in the White House, 1800–1850. Authored by Patricia B. Mitchell. Edited by Sarah E. Mitchell. Foreword by former White House chef Martin C.J. Mongiello. Published 2004. 18 recipes, 132 research notes, 37 pages. 5.5 x 8.5 inches. Soft cover, saddle-stitched. ISBN-10: 1-929384-01-7. ISBN-13: 978-1-929384-01-3.

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That Palace in Washington is both the title of this book and a quotation from Rachel Jackson, wife of Andrew Jackson, our 7th president. — Mrs. Jackson was expressing her distress at the prospect of living in the White House.

The first eleven administrations (from John Adams to Zachary Taylor) are covered in That Palace in Washington. (George Washington did not reside in the White House.) — The other administrations will be discussed in additional books.

Anecdotes, quotations, recipes, and an informative narrative make this an educational volume; and the authoress adds touches of humor in the relating of some home-life incidents in the “Palace.”

Both elaborate recipes like “A Boned Turkey” and homestyle dishes such as “Batter Cakes” are included, and information about presidential food preferences is given.

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Note: This book is compiled with two others into one Bookshelf Edition, Presidential Flavors: White House Food and Entertaining 1800–1953.

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