Well, Bless Your Heart, Vol. I:
Health-Conscious Recipes for Breakfast and Lunch

by Patricia B. Mitchell

Well, Bless Your Heart, Vol. I

Dietary recommendations of the 1980's and '90's are followed in the 39 recipes for morning and midday included in this book. Published 1998, revised from the original 1989 edition. 27 research notes, 36 pages. 5.5 x 8.5 inches. Soft cover, saddle-stitched. ISBN-10: 0-925117-90-0. ISBN-13: 978-0-925117-90-8.

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About the Book

Helpful facts and do-able recipes make Well, Bless Your Heart, Vol. I, by Patricia B. Mitchell, a worthwhile addition to your cookbook library. Recipes for breakfast foods and lunch dishes help the busy homemaker “do right” by her (or his) family when it comes to preparing healthful meals. Well, Bless Your Heart, Vol. I was created during 1989-1998 as a handbook for those interested in enhancing their overall health through practical dietary considerations.

Breakfast foods such as “Quick Economy Granola,” “Oat Raisin Drop Biscuits,” and “Joyce's Blender Pancakes” make breakfast very satisfying; and lunches are yummy when “Sloppy Josephines,” “Saturday Lentil Soup,” or “King Charles' Tuna Salad” are on the menu. 27 endnotes giving the sources of dietary information are included.

The Well, Bless Your Heart books went out of print in 2007. After many requests during the intervening years for reprint copies, they are presented again here, in Patricia's Keeping Room Series of old favorites, for the enjoyment of her readers.

See also this book's companion, Well, Bless Your Heart, Vol. II: Health-Conscious Dinner Recipes.

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