Subway Subway Subway

Second photo: 12-inch Ham sandwich.

Bottom photo: 6-inch Seafood Sensation sandwich.


Subway, Powhatan, Virginia

By Patricia B. Mitchell, 2006.

The lunch we had at the Subway restaurant in Powhatan, Virginia (see map) was disappointing. Henry and I ordered a 12-inch ham on whole wheat bread. The bread tasted almost stale and had a crumbly crust. The sandwich “artist” doled out the fixings in a non-generous fashion — four small slices of tomato (two of which looked mushy, so I asked her to replace them), four small slices of cucumber, etc. Strangely enough, the completed sandwich actually looked fairly appetizing, but it was almost tasteless. (Did the flavor evaporate out?) Even the ham and provolone cheese were blah.

Our daughter Sarah liked her Seafood Sensation sub better, though the imitation crabmeat mixture was very mayonnaise-y. This Subway did not have banana peppers like most Subways, but rather some very sweet marinated peppers.

The Subway store itself was fairly new, the staff relatively cordial, but the food needed to be freshened up.