Reliable Choices at Subway

687 West Main (Ballou Park), Danville, Virginia

By Patricia B. Mitchell, 2006.


When my family and I are in Danville, Virginia at lunchtime, we head for the Ballou Park Subway. My husband and I usually order a healthful “Under 6 Grams Fat” sandwich. If any of our kids are along, they might opt for an “Over 6 Grams Fat” sandwich.

One can choose the type of bread one wants, and we love the choice of lots of different raw veggies available for topping the sandwiches (or for salads). The sandwich-preparers at the Ballou Park Subway are usually generous in the amounts of “fixings” they add. (We, unfortunately, have been to some Subways where they are stingy with the ingredients.)

Unlimited drink refills and a cookie selection also add to the appeal of this reliable little eatery.

Subway ham

A 12-inch ham sandwich.

Subway tuna deli-style round

A tuna deli-style round.

Subway roast beef

A 6-inch roast beef.