White Spot, Wholly Enjoyable

Charlottesville, VA

By Patricia B. Mitchell, 2006.

The White Spot

“A-hole-in-the-wall at the Corner in Charlottesville” is one way to describe the White Spot Restaurant at 1407 University Avenue. Another way to describe it is “fabulous.” So far, everything my family and I have eaten at White Spot has been just right.

On our most recent visit, I had in mind, for the sake of variety, ordering something different from what I had ordered there before. However, once we were seated and I got to thinking about how much I had enjoyed the previous meal of a Chicken Souvlaki sandwich, I couldn't resist ordering it again. I was not disappointed. Generous chunks of grilled chicken on a large, delicious pita were embellished with feta cheese, lettuce, tomato, and onions. A thick Souvlaki sauce (available on the sandwich or on the side) perfected the masterpiece.

My son Jonathan chose the Triple Decker Club (bacon, sliced turkey, cheese, lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise and three slices of toasted white sandwich bread). He said that it couldn't be better.

Son David asked for a cheeseburger, but because of a little mix-up, he was served a Gus Burger. He really liked it, and didn't mind that the switch had occured. The Gus Burger consists of a hamburger pattie, catsup, mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato, onions, pickle, and a fried egg.

Hubby Henry got a Gus Burger, too, and loved it.

Soft drinks with free refills rounded out the meal. French fries, salads, soups, various sandwiches, platters, desserts, and breakfasts are also menu choices. While we were eating, a lady near us was served a tempting-looking submarine sandwich — I might go for their Turkey and Cheese Sub next time….

At the White Spot, those wishing to dine on the tiny premises perch on retro-style stools at the two short dining counters. It's a convenient place for a relatively quick feed, so people of all ages and walks of life frequent the eatery. You might be elbow-to-elbow with a doctor, professor, student, musician, or who-knows-who.

To those with a keen appreciation of history, many spots around Charlottesville are “holy ground.” The White Spot holds the same status for generations of UVA students, faculty, and alumni.

The White Spot

David's Gus Burger.

The White Spot

Henry's Gus Burger, without the standard mustard and ketchup.

The White Spot

Chicken Souvlaki.

The White Spot

Triple Decker Club.