Feeding the Team

Subway, 1300 Emmet Street in Charlottesville, Virginia

By Patricia B. Mitchell, 2010.


Mid-afternoon at Subway, 1300 Emmet Street.


Half a 12-inch oven-roasted chicken breast sub.

Across from Anthropologie and the Barracks Road Shopping Center, at 1300 Emmet Street, sits a very good Subway (see their website). We have not been so impressed by the other near-campus Charlottesville Subways we've tried — numerous less-than-happy-meals. In sharp contrast, the 1300 Emmet Street store is a very positive experience.

Of course, one can get delicious sandwiches at various C'ville eateries, but for the price, Subway is a smart choice, and this particular Sub' has extra-flavorful bread and pleasant-enough “sandwich artists.”

We also found it interesting to observe that a young woman came in and ordered different foot-long sandwiches for an entire sports team. — You should have seen her lugging the plastic tote bags out the door!

Anyway, for "good eats" this Sub' works.