Good Cookie!

Subway, 1315 Euclid Ave., Bristol, Virginia

By Patricia B. Mitchell, 2007.


The Subway at Euclid Avenue (there is another Subway just down the street) was nearly empty when we arrived there around 2 p.m. on a very cold Saturday.

The food was pretty good, though not quite up to par compared to other times we've eaten there.

My husband and I split a 12-inch Ham on Whole Wheat. The bread was not as tender as sometimes, but the Provolone cheese was tastier than the average Subway Provolone. The “sandwich artist” was not extremely generous with the sandwich fixings — we requested The Works, plus a few additional items. Some of the tomatoes and cucumbers were getting that old translucent look.

Our daughter Sarah ordered the Tuna Salad on a Deli Round. The bun was smaller than is normal at Subway, as was the serving of tuna salad.

Sarah also had a Double Chocolate Chip Cookie (white and milk chocolate chips, no nuts, in a chocolate cookie batter). Even though the cookie was not very pretty, Sarah said that it was “very fudgy, and very, very good — better than the typical Subway Double Chocolate Chip Cookie.”


Ham on Whole Wheat


Tuna Salad on a Deli bun.


Double Chocolate Chip Cookie.