Narrowed Choices

Subway, 356 Towne Center Dr, Abingdon, Virginia

By Patricia B. Mitchell, 2008.


The recent lunch at Subway in pretty Abingdon, VA, was to a certain extent a meal of “Oh, we're out of that.” Henry and I ordered the 12-inch Turkey on Wheat. They were out of provolone cheese, which we wanted; and cucumbers, which we wanted; and spinach, which we wanted; and Spicy Brown mustard, which we wanted. The tomato slices and the grated carrots looked right pitiful, though, and upon my request the server did go find some slightly better-looking carrots (which he dumped on top of the whitish-tannish ones).

We arrived at 1:30 in the afternoon on a Saturday. Maybe they had not expected much business that day.

Our daughter Sarah started to order pizza, but the guy said she couldn't have one because they were still frozen. Oddly enough, two days earlier at a different Subway, Sarah had tried to order a pizza but was told that she couldn't have one because their oven was broken.

Our two sons made their menu choices based, of course, on what was available.

The dining area and restrooms were neither disgustingly dirty nor spic-and-span clean.

Ho-hum, not an outstanding luncheon experience, though the food we did end up with tasted pretty good.


Ham on Wheat.


Ham mini sub on Wheat.


Double Chocolate Chip Cookie.


Cold Cut Trio on Italian.


Tuna Salad on Honey Oat.