Subway Travels

By Patricia B. Mitchell, 2002.

Subway line

My family and I saw this beautiful food display in a just-replenished Subway sandwich line at 1315 Euclid Avenue in Bristol, Virginia. In our travels my family and I almost always look for Subway restaurants. (We usually eat a “sandwich lunch” and then a “big dinner.”)

Subways are increasingly easy to find, since they comprise the largest submarine sandwich chain in the world, with over 16,000 locations.

The largest number of Subways are in the U.S.; Canada has the next largest number; then Australia. There are over 1000 shops outside the U.S. Although Subway has a standardized menu, local tastes are considered.

For example, in England Chicken Tikka (an Indian recipe for a chicken salad-type product seasoned with curry) is served. In Australia Chicken Satay (an Oriental recipe with a peanutty spicey sauce) is presented. In Muslim countries, Halaal items are offered, and no pork products are served.

Subway line

Back in 1965, Fred DeLuca and his partner Dr. Peter Buck probably did not dream how successful 17-year-old Fred's business idea would become. 1965 is when Fred, with Dr. Buck's financial help, opened his first eatery in Bridgeport, Connecticut. Hard work, high visibility, and good quality were keys to the enterprise's success. A reasonably priced product was another important factor in Subway's rise to fastfood stardom.

Admittedly, when my husband Henry and I first ate at a Subway, in North Carolina, in the late 1970's, we were quite unimpressed. So unimpressed, in fact, that we did not try another Subway for many years. When we tried it again, time and experience had greatly improved the chain, and we have been fans ever since.

Nowadays we usually get one of the low-in-fat sandwiches. We prefer the whole wheat bread (cut “the old way”) and lots and lots of fixings. A few of the restaurants (“stores,” as they call them) are stingy with the vegetables. We don't go back to these places, because that's the charm of the chain — all those good-for-you veggies (and appealing condiments). Let 'em heap them on! Obviously at the Bristol store there were plenty of fixings to be used.

Subway ham sandwich

A delightful 12-inch ham sandwich purchased at the Bristol Subway, 2/1/06.