Wendy's After the Storm:
Walterboro, South Carolina

By Patricia B. Mitchell, 2006.

My husband Henry, daughter Sarah, and I found ourselves stopped on US 17 northeast of Walterboro, South Carolina, a few cars behind a big truck onto which had fallen a huge tree. Fortunately, the tree had landed on the trailer part of the truck, rather than the cab. The truck and tree were blocking the road and there seemed to be no prospect of any forward movement for many hours.

This was all in the midst of a dramatic rain and wind storm with debris flying through the air and other trees falling. (Later we learned that it might have been a tornado; one passed nearby.)

Anyway, after surveying the situation, Henry managed to turn around our van in the narrow road (with ditches and trees tight to the right and left). We backtracked until we found another road to take us south through Walterboro.

In Walterboro we stopped for a late supper at the Wendy's at 620 North Jefferies Boulevard. I ordered my usual Wendy's meal: a grilled chicken sandwich, a side salad, and a baked potato. Henry and Sarah had chili and salads. My salad happened to look and taste fresher than theirs. (The salads are prepared in advance, you know, and come in plastic boxes.) In fact, my salad was superb. I only wish Wendy's offered better salad dressings…. My sandwich and potato were also top-notch. The other two in our little traveling party said that the chili was delicious. The place was clean and the staff courteous, which increased our post-storm enjoyment and relaxation.


Grilled chicken sandwich.


Side salad.


Baked potato.