Rock Hill, South Carolina:
Tops for Subway Sandwiches

By Patricia B. Mitchell, 2006.


A pretty and pleasant sandwich-fixer and an excellent sandwich — what more could one want for a light, on-the-road supper? As my husband, daughter and I were returning to Virginia from a quick excursion to lower Georgia (and points between), we stopped at a Subway at the Eastside Shopping Center, 1240 East Main Street, in Rock Hill, South Carolina.

The educated and proficient young woman (a college student?) who prepared our sandwich discussed their bread, which was some of the best Subway bread we've had. We asked why the Rock Hill bread was so much lighter (less dense) and taller than that we'd had a few days earlier at a Subway in Randleman, North Carolina. Was it a different recipe? Different water? Our lady explained that, at that Subway, yeast dough is set over pans of warm water to rise. It should rise for 40 minutes, as ours there had. Some places, she said, let it rise only 30, or perhaps even 20 minutes, hence the difference.

Henry and I shared a yummy 12-inch turkey sub; Sarah got an excellent tuna round — exceptionally good bread and tuna salad.

We'll definitely return to this particular eatery, if we find ourselves in Rock Hill again, hankering for a sandwich.