Biscuit Shack Oyster Sandwich Biscuit Shack Shrimp Sandwich Biscuit Shack Shrimp Sandwich

Top: Fried Oyster Sandwich.
Middle: First fried shrimp sandwich.
Bottom: Second fried shrimp sandwich.

'Way More than Biscuits:
Boots' and John's Biscuit Shack

1128 Sea Mountain Highway, North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

By Patricia B. Mitchell, 2007.

Henry and I decided to grab a small lunch at the Biscuit Shack (see map) in North Myrtle Beach, Henry ordering a fried oyster sandwich ($3.50 undressed, $4.00 with lettuce and tomato), and I a fried shrimp sandwich (same price).

The buns used there are a mediocre commercial brand, and the lettuce and tomato were rather sad, but Henry declared his small serving of oysters to be the best fried oysters he'd ever had — perfectly cooked, with a delightful flavor, and no unpleasant “bite.”

My shrimp was undercooked, so I had to send it back. The second batch was superb. We requested the excellent cocktail sauce they serve to further enhance our sandwiches.

Glenda, one of the serveral blonde Biscuit Shack waitresses, was our helpful server.

This eatery has a pleasant, almost family/country-style feel to it. It certainly is not a tourist trap, or even touristy. (There might be more vacationers there in July — we've only eaten there off-season, but I don't sense that it would feel too touristy even in the summer.)

The place has a large and varied menu, with inexpensive daily specials.