I Wanna Go Back to the Biscuit Shack

1128 Sea Mountain Highway, North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

By Patricia B. Mitchell, 2006.

The Biscuit Shack

We had some good “home-cooking” at the Biscuit Shack (see map) in the Cherry Grove Beach section of North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Jaimie, our waitress, was friendly and helpful. My husband, daughter and I were there for a late lunch. Sarah and I each ordered the $5.00 daily special. Sarah chose fried chicken, mashed potatoes with gravy, mustard greens, string beans, and cornbread. Home-canned pickled peppers, iced tea, and banana pudding came with the daily special. The chicken was greasy-good, the gravy was nice, the veggies fine, and the cornbread very sweet and tender. The tea tasted home-brewed, and the banana pudding creamy-dreamy.

My Shrimp Creole on rice was good — not nearly as spicy as Louisiana Shrimp Creole, but pleasant nevertheless. (Texas Pete helped.) I ordered the potato salad (quite firm potatoes, but excellent flavor), mustard greens, and a biscuit. The biscuit was not the best I've ever had — maybe just a teeny bit underbaked. One could choose hushpuppies, a different meat, and various other vegetables — a lot of food for $5.00!

Henry ordered the Fried Shrimp Sandwich ($4.00). It came on a commercial bun. The bun was nothing to get excited about, of course, but the fried shrimp was fantastic — the best Henry remembered ever having.

The restaurant serves breakfasts, other sandwiches, and platters. They emphasize seafood, so a seafood dinner can be had there for a very reasonable price.

We definitely want to go back. Value, service, and pleasing food — this restaurant is a real find.

The Biscuit Shack

Fried shrimp sandwich.

The Biscuit Shack

Shrimp Creole, mustard greens, potato salad.

The Biscuit Shack

Fried chicken, mashed potatoes, mustard greens, string beans.

The Biscuit Shack

Biscuit and cornbread.

The Biscuit Shack

Banana pudding.