Wendy's is a Winner

2900 Main Street, Newberry, South Carolina

By Patricia B. Mitchell, 2005.

My family and I had not eaten at a Wendy's for a very long time. When the boys were little, they were philosophically opposed to the idea of square hamburger patties. Now, however, the boys are big, so the ban on Wendy's is over.

We happened to be driving through Newberry, South Carolina recently and stopped at a Wendy's. I am not exaggerating when I say that there I got the best baked potato I've ever had, and I'm “real particular” about potatoes. I've been ordering them for decades, in restaurants plain and fancy, and this one at Wendy's was the best. Big, hot, fresh, oven-baked (not microwaved) — perfect. (Some places serve potatoes which have been baked/cooked hours earlier. The insides have turned grayish or yellow-brown, and they are mushy. Yuck!)

At the Newberry Wendy's I also ate an excellent grilled chicken salad. My husband had a burger and a side salad, both of which he enjoyed. The son who was with us on this trip decided on a Homestyle Chicken Strips Salad (still no square burger meat for him, as it turned out); and our daughter had a side salad, small chili, and chocolate milk.

The salads were very nice (no blue cheese dressing though).

The place was clean and the staff courteous. It was a good dining experience.