Farm Theme and Fabulous Foods

JD's Pig & Chicken, 3010 Highway 17 Business South
Garden City, South Carolina

By Patricia B. Mitchell, 2006.

JD's Pig and Chicken

The best chicken I've ever put in my mouth was that served at JD's Pig & Chicken (see map) in Garden City, South Carolina. I ordered the Chicken Sandwich with BBQ sauce on the side ($3.49). The pulled chicken breast was moist, tender, and delicately flavorful. It was perfect.

Henry and Jonathan both got chopped BBQ pork on a bun ($2.99), which they both liked very much. We all preferred the Vinegar Sauce to the tomato-based Texas Sauce and the BBQ Sauce which came with my sandwich.

Sarah ordered the ”BBQ Pork Dinner for Smaller Appetites” ($1.89) with macaroni and cheese. Both the pork (on a commercial roll) and the mac & cheese were excellent.

For dessert we shared a slice of Key Lime Pie. It had a very cheesecake-y filling, with a flavor reminiscent of old-timey lime sherbet/ginger ale wedding punch.

A sweet waitress who called everybody “hon,” a basket of hushpuppy “appetizers,” and adorable, tacky pig/chicken decor make this place a super-duper experience. What's not to love about this wonderful family-owned restaurant? Kudos to the Dunns! They've done it right!

JD's Pig and Chicken


JD's Pig and Chicken

Chopped BBQ pork sandwich.

JD's Pig and Chicken

Chicken sandwich with BBQ sauce.

JD's Pig and Chicken

Petite BBQ pork dinner.

JD's Pig and Chicken

Key lime pie.