Crumb-y Bread (Though Not All That Bad)

Subway, Dillon, South Carolina

By Patricia B. Mitchell, 2006.

On our way back from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, my family and I stopped in Dillon, South Carolina, for a quick lunch. The Subway we chose (see map) offered good enough food, and capable service. The unisex restroom could have been tidier….

My hubby and I split a 12-inch turkey on whole wheat bread. The bread had a hard, crumbly crust — uncharacteristic of the typical Subway whole wheat loaf. The crust sort of cracked when cut or bitten, and left a lot of crumbs. I did not like it, though the contents of the sandwich were okay.

Our daughter Sarah ordered the pizza sub on Parmesan Oregano bread (they were out of the Italian Herbs & Cheese bread that she wanted). The sandwich was messy, but tasty.

One of our sons had the roast beef on Italian; the other son chose the cold cut sub on Italian. They both liked their choices.

For a fast meal, Subways are a good bet.


Turkey sub.


Pizza sub.


Coldcut sub.


Roast beef sub.