A Sparkling Jewel

Lazy River Café
1022 Third Avenue, Conway, South Carolina

By Patricia B. Mitchell, 2006.

Lazy River Cafe

The Lazy River (see map) is a jewel of a restaurant in downtown Conway, South Carolina, just a few miles inland from Myrtle Beach.

The half of a Shane Turkey Reuben that I had could not have been better (though a nice big dill pickle half on the side would have been nice). The turkey was top quality, the rye bread excellent, the sauerkraut fine. I requested the Russian dressing on the side so I could add the amount I wanted. (The sandwich also had Swiss cheese and mustard on it.) With the sandwiches you get potato chips; I also had a choice of sides. I opted for pasta salad.

Husband Henry ordered the pastrami on toasted rye with Provolone cheese, lettuce, tomato, and onions. It came with chips. He very much enjoyed the sandwich.

Our son Jonathan ordered the Patty Melt (a big ground beef patty with Provolone cheese and grilled onions on grilled rye bread), with chips and a tossed salad. He chose Ranch dressing for his salad.

Sarah went to the salad bar and also had the chunky cream of broccoli soup, which she liked.

We were all pleased with our meal at the award-winning Lazy River Café. The restaurant, which is owned by Tim and Beverly Ambridge, was sparkling-clean and well-lit. The Ambridge's daughter Missy waited on us. She was patient, pleasant, and a good conversationalist.

For restaurant hours, menus, prices, etc., see Lazy River Café's website. (Note: Since April 2007 the Lazy River Café has been operated by Owner/Chef JP Anderson. Many new menu items have been added.)

Lazy River Cafe

Pastrami on rye.

Lazy River Cafe

Shane Turkey Rueben.

Lazy River Cafe

Salad and cream of broccoli soup.

Lazy River Cafe

Patty Melt.