New Yorker Deli Offers Huge Sandwiches, Value

By Patricia B. Mitchell, 1991.

Our absolutely most favorite delicatessen in the whole world is the giant New Yorker Deli (see their website) at 2802 Williamson Road in Roanoke. (Don't be fooled by a small copy-cat eating place nearby with a very similar name!)

After decades of enjoying the food at the New Yorker, we are still constantly amazed at the high quality and good dollar value of the sandwiches at this 34-year-old business. We always go to the New Yorker hungry, and we have big appetites to start with. Yet even we adults sometimes cannot finish one each of the stuffed sandwiches served at this great institution.

Our favorite sandwich — and the restaurant's most popular one — is the Submarine, described as a "meal in itself." This creation is loaded with delicatessen-type meats and cheeses, etc. Order it with slaw. (It can be ordered with lettuce, but the slaw makes it more moist and wonderful.) Squirt on some brown mustard, and you've got the best sandwich this side of heaven. This masterpiece costs only $3.65. When asked how many of these Submarines the restaurant has prepared, manager Michael Moses exclaimed, "We couldn't keep count!"

Other sandwiches there are also packed, stacked, lip-smacking delights. The Reuben is so meat-laden with lean corned beef that it doesn't even seem like a normal Reuben. The Kosher club is the second most frequently ordered sandwich, the everything this restuarant's kitchen prepares is great. A friend of ours loves their Hors D'Oeuvres Tray. He makes a meal of that, and he's a huge eater.

The New Yorker also serves bagels, soups, salads, beans, mixed drinks, beer, and tempting desserts, and a children's speciality called the "Firecracker." This is a Kosher frank on a bun, pickle, potato chips, and a "surprise." The surprise is always a nifty little toy, puzzle, some such gewgaw — fun for children and adults alike! Their cheesecake is the number-one dessert choice. We also try to leave room for the smooth and scrumptious chocolate tarts. Yummy!

Owned by the Russell family of Roanoke, the New Yorker was one of the first delis in the Star City. It was originally located on a corner near its present location, to which it was moved in June 1965. The restaurant is open every day from 11 to 11, except Monday. At the front of the restaurant is a complete deli takeout department abundantly stocked with the materials from which the New Yorker sandwiches are made, plus lots of other tempting gourmet-type foods. Just gazing at the case of cheeses and meats will certainly get your gastric juices flowing.

Oh yes, there's an important note for first-timers: Unlike most food establishments of this size, the New Yorker accepts no credit cards. Payment is cash only. This policy may be significantly related to the bargain prices: there are no hidden credit costs here! We certainly don't mind taking along a little extra cash when we plan a stop at the New Yorker — it's a small price to pay!