Authentic Country:
Seagrove Family Restaurant

8702 US Highway 220 South, Seagrove, North Carolina

By Patricia B. Mitchell, 2006.

Seagrove Family Restaurant

Seagrove Family Restaurant.

Seagrove Family Restaurant in Seagrove, North Carolina (see map) is a classic country diner, and a very good one at that. Jars of home-canned pickled peppers on the tables and yummy stuff on the menu like grits, tenderloin, and corn dogs let you know you're surely not at a fancy French eatery.

Our daughter Sarah ordered the $3.30 Vegetable Plate. She chose squash casserole, creamed potatoes with gravy, pintoes, and hushpuppies. Everything except the gravy was rich and tasty, the squash casserole being especially delicious, although some of the crumb topping was a bit too crunchy. (The gravy was, unfortunately, cool, lumpy, and had an unpleasant, vaguely “mystery meat” flavor.)

Henry ordered the $2.35 Homemade BBQ Sandwich. The pork was prepared eastern North Carolina-style, and was very nice. The $3.25 Grilled Chicken Breast which I ordered was satisfactory, and the coleslaw was most appetizing.

Seagrove Family Restaurant is open for breakfast, and, as the menu proclaims, offers “fresh flounder on Friday's.” (Lots of other choices are available, too — salad, subs, fried chicken, liver and onions, etc.)

Don't expect swank, just some “good eats.” And while you are in the vicinity, be sure to visit some of the nearby pottery shops, for which Seagrove is famous.

Seagrove Family Restaurant

Homemade BBQ Sandwich.

Seagrove Family Restaurant

Grilled Chicken Breast.

Seagrove Family Restaurant

Vegetable Plate.

Seagrove Family Restaurant