Could Be Better, Could Be Worse

300 East Broad Avenue
Rockingham, North Carolina

By Patricia B. Mitchell, 2006.

The last time we ate at a Subway in Rockingham, North Carolina, it was a disappointing experience. Our recent Subway meal there (see map) turned out better, though not without its weak points.

The server doled out the veggies rather sparingly for our foot-long ham on whole wheat, and because of the noisy kitchen sounds, loud radio, etc., she had a hard time hearing and/or understanding our requests. Nevertheless, the food tasted good, and they had spicy brown mustard, which we love. (Many Subways don't have that ingredient anymore.)

Subway ham

12-inch ham sandwich.

There was a spilled cola drink on the floor, which posed a safety hazard. I mentioned that to a staff member, but the spill was not cleaned up the whole time we were there. (We “dined in.”) The parking lot was messy — lots of trash on the pavement and adjoining grass strip.

However, we did like the sandwich well enough and the staff was not unpleasant. This was all better than that long-ago last time in Rockingham. (You don't even wanna know about that Subway meal!)