The Missing Bread

Subway, 188 Pointe South Drive, Randleman, North Carolina

By Patricia B. Mitchell, 2007.


The sandwich fixings at this Subway were good. Henry and I shared a 12-inch ham sub. Our daughter Sarah chose for her “kid's meal” a mini tuna salad sub, milk, and yogurt. The sandwich preparer was stingy with the tuna salad.

We all wanted Wheat bread. The oven at this Subway was broken (and had been for a good while, according to the worker there), so they relied on someone at their “sister store” 500 feet away (inside a Wal-Mart) to bring bread over.

The worker lady said that she had called them for Wheat bread over an hour earlier, but it had not arrived. — We even offered to walk over and get our bread, but she declined our offer. Therefore we ate Italian bread.


Ham Sub.


Tuna Mini Sub.