Would You Like That Heated?

Subway, 188 Pointe South Drive, Randleman, North Carolina

By Patricia B. Mitchell, 2007.


My husband, daughter, and I had a rather odd experience during our second visit to this Randleman Subway. We happened to be the only customers in the place. Almost as soon as we sat down, the boss and a new employee sat down just two tables away from us and began an intense conversation (the boss doing most of the talking) about the employee's job performance. This discussion had more the nature of a confrontation — raised voice, strong emotions, etc. It did nothing for our digestion.

We were all struck with the inappropriateness of our having to hear the heated conversation. Obviously we were sitting there, big as life, with ears. Why didn't they go somewhere else to talk?

The 12-inch ham with provolone that Henry and I split was satisfactory, though the bread was a bit crusty; and our daughter's newly-introduced Mini Sub with tuna was good, though the bread fell apart, making it messy to eat.


Ham sandwich.


Tuna mini sub.