Meticulous Subway Sandwich-Making:
Randleman, North Carolina

By Patricia B. Mitchell, 2006.


Husband Henry, daughter Sarah, and I ate at the Subway at 188 Pointe South Drive in Randleman, North Carolina. The sandwiches were good, though the lady preparer was not overly generous. She had an interesting sandwich preparation style, meticulously placing each tomato slice, pickle, etc., seemingly a certain number of centimeters apart. This took a rather long time; and although she was long on preparation time, she was short on bread-rising time. The yeast bread, which was soft and wholesome-tasting, was rather dense.

This particular door-to-the-outside-world Subway is located in a small shopping center, consisting mostly of a Wal-Mart. Inside that Wal-Mart is another Subway. One man owns the two shops. It is strange to see both in such close proximity….

Henry and I had a ham sub with just about everything on it — Hurrah! They had spicy brown mustard — some Subways don't. Sarah ordered a Tuna Round. The server only gave her one scoop of runny tuna salad. Nevertheless, Sarah said the tuna sandwich had a good flavor.

I feel I'm getting some valuable vitamins and minerals when I request lots of Subway veggies, which I always do. Besides being healthful, the vegetables taste good. Eat right, and feel like you are doing the right thing for your body— Jared would be proud.


Sarah's tuna round.


Henry and Patricia's ham sub.