Dry Tuna, Wet Cow

Holly Square Shopping Center, Laurinburg, NC

By Patricia B. Mitchell, 2007.


Henry and I ordered two 6-inch Veggie Delite sandwiches on Parmesan Oregano bread when we dined at the Holly Square Shopping Center Subway in Laurinburg, NC (see map). Normally we get whole wheat bread, but they were out of it except for just enough to make a whole wheat mini sub, which our daughter ordered. The Veggie Delite was okay, though the preparer was neither generous with ingredients nor particularly friendly.

Sarah liked her mini Tuna Salad sandwich, although the almost dry tuna salad at this Subway was quite different from the wet tuna salad at other Subways. Perhaps the chain is reducing the amount of mayonnaise used in the tuna salad to make it more healthful?

Sarah's oatmeal raisin cookies were “soft and good,” and the milk was, well, like milk. (Cute plastic bottle; funny cows and “milk splashes” on it….)

The Subway was not extremely tidy — my dear husband asked for a damp cloth to wipe our table before we sat down (all the available tables had crumbs and sticky drink dribbles on them.) When Henry asked, the one fairly cheerful, energetic employee came over and wiped off the table. The ladies restroom had a headache-inducing blinking overhead light.

As you can tell, we were not thrilled about this particularly meal experience, but the food was fast, inexpensive, and we did not suffer from indigestion.


Veggie Delite sub.


Tuna sub.