Subs at the Beach

Subway, Holden Beach, North Carolina

By Patricia B. Mitchell, 2006.

Subway is one of our most frequent road trip food stops. This one, in Holden Beach, North Carolina, did not disappoint. Henry and I split a 12-inch Ham on Whole Wheat (which we often do). The preparer lady was pleasant and the sandwich agreeable.

Daughter Sarah chose the new Steak and Cheese on Parmesan Oregano. (They did not, however, have steak sauce.) Our son got the Steak and Cheese on Parmesan Oregano, too. They both enjoyed their sandwiches.

This Subway “store,” as corporate headquarters calls them, is small, but nice — and not far from the beach! (The actual map address is 1096 Sabbath Home Road SW, Supply, NC.)


Ham sub.


Sarah's Steak & Cheese.


Jonathan's Steak & Cheese.