12-inch turkey sub.


6-inch meatball sub.


6-inch cold cut sub.


6-inch roast beef sub.

Weary Workers

Subway, 129 North Scotswood Blvd., Churton Grove Center, Hillsborough, North Carolina

By Patricia B. Mitchell, 2007.

The third visit we made to Subway in Hillsborough, NC, did not “work like a charm.” The food was satisfactory, but not quite as good as it had been on our two prior visits. My husband and I had our oft-ordered 12-inch Turkey Sub on Whole Wheat. The bread was a little hard on the ends, and the tomatoes and cucumbers were getting limp with age.

Our son Jonathan ordered the 6-inch Roast Beef. He asked for Italian Herbs & Cheese, but instead was given Monteray Cheddar. (We noticed that a worker was putting additional amounts of sliced beef on top of older meat in the ingredient bin. Note to staff: rotate your stock.)

Our son David had the 6-inch Cold Cut on Italian, which he liked. He also had an oatmeal raisin cookie and a peanut butter cookie.

Daughter Sarah opted for the 6-inch Meatball on Italian. She said the sandwich was good, though it could have been warmer. The sauce was thinner than any she'd had before at Subway.

The staff seemed reasonably efficient, though tired. It was a Saturday afternoon around three.