Subway Subway Subway

The 'Way of Tables for Two

819 W Hamlet Ave, Hamlet, NC

By Patricia B. Mitchell, 2007.

This was our second visit to the Subway in Hamlet, North Carolina (see map). It is a very small “store,” as corporate headquarters calls their eateries. There are just a few tables for two, a few of which are pushed together to accommodate four. We three chose the only available larger table. It was dirty, so I brushed off the food bits with some napkins. There were still sticky soft drink spots on the surface, but we didn't bother to ask a worker to clean it.

My husband and I requested our oft-ordered footlong ham on whole wheat bread, and our daughter selected the Mini Sub with tuna salad. The sandwiches were satisfactory, though Subway whole wheat bread just doesn't seem as tender-crusted as it used to be. I think they must have changed the recipe. This store offered canned mushrooms, a fairly uncommon Subway topping. They happened to have run out of grated carrots.

We asked for three oatmeal raisin cookies. They also had chocolate chip and M&M-chocolate chip cookies; they were out of peanut butter cookies and double chocolate-chocolate chip cookies. Of the available choices, the oatmeal raisin cookies looked most appetizing.

On this visit and our prior visits to this particular Subway we have enjoyed the friendliness of the staff and of the other customers. Perhaps the tiny-ness of the place creates something of a sense of intimacy, or maybe Hamlet is just a neighborly town. Anyway, it seems someone there is always especially helpful or kind — on this occasion, as we sat down, one of the guys at the closest table offered extra napkins with which to wipe off our untidy table. On a stop there last fall, a lady brought in a homemade pumpkin pie to share with the staff and offered us some, too. Mighty nice!

Subway Subway

We again found ourselves at this little Subway recently, and again enjoyed a nice lunch.

They were giving away samples of a new item, a sort of apple turnover. In our opinion, it was too cinnamony and sweet, and the crust was gummy. But who knows? Maybe some folks will like it….