Chef's Challenge

Wendy's, 2519 Randleman Road, Greensboro, North Carolina

By Patricia B. Mitchell, 2007.

Our family ate at this Wendy's for the first time recently. Three of us ordered one of Wendy's “signature dishes,” chili. Hubby Henry had a large chili, daughter Sarah had a small one, and son Jonathan had the Southwest Taco Salad over which chili is poured. (I don't eat the chili because several years ago I developed an allergy to beef.) The Wendy's chili seems to be consistently fairly good, wherever one orders it.

I ordered what I usually get at Wendy's — the Ultimate Chicken Grill sandwich, an item which is evidently quite challenging to Wendy's cooks. Often I've had to send the sandwich back because the chicken is undercooked. Many times the sandwich has been dressed wrong — I like the Honey Mustard Sauce on the side, and the preparer forgets and puts the sauce directly on the bun and chicken. This was the case at this Greensboro Wendy's. I had to send back the sandwich because it was soggy inside with beaucoups of sauce, plus two extra little containers of sauce, served on the side.

The substitute sandwich did have the Honey Mustard Sauce on the side. However, rather than the chicken being undercooked, this chicken was overcooked on the bottom — hard, tough, and stringy. I didn't bother to send it back.

My baked potato was just tolerable. The “flesh” of the spud was grayish and had a somewhat clammy texture.

Henry's side salad was so-so. At least this Wendy's had blue cheese dressing. Many Wendy's don't. Blue cheese dressing always improves a salad….

Jonathan's Southwest Taco Salad was satisfactory.

Sarah's Chocolate Frosty was enjoyable.

The place was tidy enough, and the “order-taker” very nice.


Side Salad.




Ultimate Chicken Grill.


Baked Potato.


Southwest Taco Salad.