Flies in the Ointment

Wendy's, 3105 Sands Drive, Greensboro, North Carolina

By Patricia B. Mitchell, 2007.


Our third visit to Wendy's on Sands Drive in Greensboro, NC (see map) will be the last visit to that particular eatery for a good while. My husband got a side salad; a lot of the lettuce in it was brownish and slimey. He took it back up to the counter for an exchange. I cut into my potato and it had a brown center the length of the spud; I took it up to the counter for an exchange. I bit into my grilled chicken sandwich (blistering the roof of my mouth because the chicken was so hot) and discovered that the chicken was undercooked. I took it up to the counter, and eventually got a replacement.

My second sandwich was satisfactory, as was the second potato. Henry's replacement salad was fresh and nice. His chili was fine. Our daughter Sarah also had chili and a potato which were good, as was her chocolate Frosty.)

The staff was nice about the “trade-in's” but it was, of course, a rather disconcerting experience. Plus there were lots of flies in the dining area and the restroom. None of this was conducive to smooth digestion.


Side Salad.


Baked Potatoes.