Better Than Before

Wendy's, 3105 Sands Drive, Greensboro, North Carolina

By Patricia B. Mitchell, 2006.

A few weeks ago my family and I ate at this Wendy's (see map) in Greensboro, North Carolina. We had a good meal except for the fact that I had to send back an undercooked grilled chicken sandwich (which they replaced in a no-hassle fashion).

Since I really like the Wendy's Ultimate Chicken Grill Sandwich, I ordered it again this time. Happily, it was cooked adequately. The accompanying baked potato was nice, though wouldn't it be wonderful if Wendy's actually used freshly-chopped chives rather than those strange little green circles from a plastic jar?

My husband Henry had a baked potato, too, to go with his Chili and Side Salad. All of his food was fine.

Sarah, our daughter, got the Crispy Chicken on a bun with lettuce and mayonnaise. It was tasty and tender. She drank a Frosty, which Wendy's calls a Soquid — a solid and a liquid. Basically it is a thick, lower-fat milkshake.

Jonathan ordered the Southwest Taco Salad. This is a visually very appealing meal, and he said it tasted good, too.

All in all, we had an agreeable meal on the road. Several of the staff recognized us from the last visit, and acted relatively welcoming.




Side Salad.


Grilled Chicken Sandwich.


Baked Potato.


Crispy Chicken Sandwich.




Southwestern Taco Salad.