Subway & CNN

Subway, 2348 Randleman Road, Greensboro, NC

By Patricia B. Mitchell, 2007.


We tried another one of Greensboro's several Subway eateries, and were quite pleased with this one. Our only complaint is that there is a bigscreen television in the dining area (the first we'd seen in a Subway). This might not be a bad thing, except that CNN was playing loudly. The reporters sadly talking about kidney transplants and the lack of donor organs and breathlessly reporting on school shootings, etc., were not conductive to smooth digestion.

Nevertheless, the 12-inch Turkey Breast on Wheat, which my husband and I ordered, was very good. Our daughter's 6-inch Meatball on Italian Herbs & Cheese was excellent. This Subway location offers canned mushrooms — most do not have any mushrooms at all.

The decor was typically Subway-esque, though the dining area was more spacious than some. The ladies' restroom was unusually clean — a pleasant surprise.


Turkey Breast on Wheat.


Meatball on Italian Herbs & Cheese.