Marvelous Mushrooms and Cookies, Too!

Subway, 3212 Randleman Rd., Greensboro, NC

By Patricia B. Mitchell, 2007.


We tried one of the many Subways in Greensboro as we headed north from South Carolina toward Virginia. The one at 3212 Randleman Road (see map) offered enjoyable food. Our daughter Sarah was especially pleased that they serve mushrooms, albeit canned.

My husband and I got our usual 12-inch whole wheat sub with turkey, and Sarah opted for a 6-inch meatball sub on Italian Herbs & Cheese, milk, and two cookies. The peanut butter cookie was pleasant, as usual, and the chocolate-chocolate chip cookie was also quite good.

Our “sandwich artist” was agreeable and the place tidy, so we'd be happy to eat there again.


Turkey sub.


Meatball sub.