Variety Is the Spice
Franklin Street Pizza & Pasta

By Patricia B. Mitchell, 2005.

Franklin Street Pizza & Pasta

At Franklin Street Pizza & Pasta in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, the customer goes up to a counter to order. There you can see pizzas which are sold by the slice; or your can order a whole pizza, appetizer, salad, pasta dish, calzone, pop, sub, and/or dessert. (The eatery could be called “Pizza, Pasta, and MORE.”) While at the counter you can also view the case of colorful and refreshing-looking Italian ices.

On a recent visit, my food research team — AKA my family — and I arrived fairly late for lunch, so some of the pizzas on display looked a little “tired.” However, the slice of Sicilian pizza which Sarah selected turned out to be very good. The crust was soft and thick like a biscuit.

Greek Salads

A pair of Greek Salads.

Our sons ordered a whole pepperoni pizza. Since it had to be prepared, it took about 20 minutes for them to get it. It was good and greasy; the crust was not too hard; and it was hot. Nevertheless, the guys said that they prefer Pino's pepperoni pizza in our home base of Chatham, Virginia.

Henry and I each ordered Greek Salads, which were fresh and delicious.

Watermelon-flavored Italizan Ice

Watermelon-flavored Italian Ice.

Sarah had a cup of watermelon-flavored, sweet Italian ice for dessert.

The average cost of our lunch was $6.00.

The restaurant decor is functional, the staff likewise.

Franklin Street Pizza & Pasta is a rather small place with a large and varied menu — perhaps someday we will go back and try some of the other possibilities. Squid, a Broccoli Pop, or Rigatoni Ala Vodka, anyone?