Fresh and Tender Bread

210 Huffman Mill Rd., Burlington, NC

By Patricia B. Mitchell, 2007.

My husband and I recently ate at the Subway across from the Burlington Mall. We had to point to most of the food items we wanted because the staff spoke little or no English. Henry and I each ordered a 6-inch turkey sub (“on wheat”). (Because of a coupon it was advantageous to get two halves rather than one whole.) The preparers were conservative with the ingredients, but nevertheless the turkey, American cheese, and veggies tasted pleasant, and, best of all, the bread was like all Subway whole wheat bread used to be — nice and tender. Nowdays it is usually unpleasantly crusty. It was a real treat to get good bread again.

The restaurant was fairly tidy, and Henry said that the men's restroom was clean. I didn't happen to go into the ladies' room.

The restaurant is spacious — probably to accommodate anticipated carry-out customers, as there are relatively few tables.


Turkey sub.