A Squirt of Orange

Subway, 350 N Fayetteville St., Asheboro, NC

By Patricia B. Mitchell, 2007.

Subway chicken breast

Our visit late on a cold Sunday night to the Subway at Lowes Plaza Shopping Center in Asheboro provided sustenance for us to continue our journey north. (Incidentally, when you look for this restaurant, be aware that the Lowes it is near is a grocery store, not a building supply place.)

Henry and I split a 12-inch ham on whole wheat. The sandwich was quite satisfying. The soft drink machine provided a bit of amusement (or annoyance, depending upon your point of view). Ice was falling out of the top and onto the surrounding area; and when Henry attempted to get some orange soda, the liquid squirted out sideways onto his jacket. He switched to Coke.

Henry also had a chocolate chip cookie.

Our daughter Sarah ordered tuna salad on a deli round. They were out of rounds, so a 6-inch half of Italian bread was substituted. The bread was a trifle hard on the ends. The preparer was generous with the tuna salad and “fixings.” Sarah was supposed to get fruit leather as part of the kids' meal, but since they were out, she was offered the choice of a cookie. She chose a peanut butter one.

After being fortified with food, we went back out into the cold February night.

Subway chicken breast

Ham sub.

Subway chicken breast

Tuna salad sub.

Subway chicken breast

Chocolate chip cookie and peanut butter cookie.