Blue Mist Rates Well with Three out of Four

Blue Mist Bar-B-Q
3409 Highway 64 East, Asheboro, North Carolina

By Patricia B. Mitchell, 2006.

Blue Mist Restaurant

Not long ago my “food team” and I ate lunch at the Blue Mist barbecue restaurant in Randleman, North Carolina. We loved the down-home ambience and good home-style cooking there. The Blue Mist “sister” (see map) in Asheboro is more like a city diner. It lacks the warmth and charm of its Randleman counterpart.

Having said that, I will allow as how the three others in our group thoroughly enjoyed their meal at the Asheboro eatery. In fact, Henry said his chopped pork BBQ Sandwich with Slaw ($3.00) was even more delicious at the Asheboro Blue Mist than that at the Randleman restaurant. Also, the Asheboro coleslaw was better — not as vinegary.

Sarah liked her grilled Salmon Pattie Sandwich with slaw and tartar sauce ($2.69). The “pattie” was tender, neither too moist nor too dry, and not too “fishy” tasting. The tartar sauce was especially good.

Jonathan liked his Grilled Chicken Salad ($5.95). His food actually came on a plate. For some reason the rest of us, obviously dining in the restaurant, were handed our sandwiches wrapped in wax paper. (I put mine in the cracker basket in order to feel a little more civilized….)

About my sandwich: I ordered the Grilled Chicken ($3.69). It involved an ordinary commercial bun, one bit of a greasy lettuce leaf, a small tomato slice, and a flattened, strange-looking, scrawny, tough, over-cooked piece of something purported to be chicken. A Wendy's grilled chicken sandwich would have been a thousand times better.

Now I'm assuming that the cook just messed up, and that Blue Mist normally does a nice job with this simple sandwich.

As to the eatery's good points: the waitress was pleasant enough, and the others in our team left Blue Mist “fat and happy.”

Blue Mist Restaurant

Chopped pork BBQ sandwich.

Blue Mist Restaurant

Grilled chicken sandwich.

Blue Mist Restaurant

Grilled salmon pattie sandwich.

Blue Mist Restaurant

Grilled chicken salad.