Clean and Cool:
Ultimate California Pizza, Myrtle Beach

2500 U.S. 17 North, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

By Patricia B. Mitchell, 2006.

Ultimate California Pizza

Tidy, and cool in the groovy sense, this particular Ultimate California Pizza is our favorite of the seven UCP places in and near Myrtle Beach. Actually, we haven't tried all of them, or all of the other fourteen differently-themed Divine family Grand Strand restaurants. We just normally eat at this UCP when we first arrive at the beach.

This time we three ordered our usual family-size House Salad, a medium-size shrimp pizza, and wine. The food was enjoyable, and we had the best waiter we've ever had at any of the Divine Restaurants. (Some of the Divine waitstaff can at times be uninformative, cross, or at least cranky.) Dylan, here at this UCP, was great — proficient, pleasant, and personable. (And no, I'm not kin to him. — We'd never met him before this occasion, and he didn't know I was going to write a little article about the eatery.)

You can see a menu online at Ultimate California Pizza's official website. You will surely like this fun beach place.

Ultimate California Pizza

Family-size house salad.

Ultimate California Pizza

Shrimp pizza.