Good Chow, Grateful Gulls:
Ultimate California Pizza, Myrtle Beach

By Patricia B. Mitchell, 2005.

Ultimate California Pizza

Family Size House Salad with blue cheese dressings.

There are beaucoups of places to eat in Myrtle Beach, so it seems a little odd for a food writer to return to a restaurant she'd dined at only a few days earlier, but my family and I love Ultimate California Pizza (plus it was late, off-season, some places were closed, and we were tired and hungry, and didn't want to go around looking for something different). So, on Thursday night, we returned to the same UCP (2500 North Kings Highway — see map) we'd enjoyed on Tuesday night. We resolved to order something different in the way of entrees, though we did opt again for the yummy blue cheese dressing. We had the nice Family Size House Salad under it. The salad costs $4.99.

Henry, Sarah, and I ordered the “Lite Works” pizza, with the rosemary whole wheat crust, Ultimate Red Sauce, low fat mozzarella, red onions, mushrooms, roasted red peppers, pineapple, and roasted chicken breast. Because Sarah is allergic to pineapple, we asked that black olives be substituted for the pineapple. Our request was honored. Nevertheless, the $11.99 medium-sized pizza was a bit of a disappointment. Somehow or other, it turned out to not be very flavorful, which is surprising, considering all the tasty components. Maybe the low-fat mozzarella “neutralized” the flavors? The least satisfactory element of the dish was, however, the roasted chicken breast, which consisted of some dried out shreds of what was mostly chicken skin. Having said all that, you can tell we won't order “Lite Works” again, though it really wasn't horrible, just sort of flat tasting.

Ultimate California Pizza

California Chicken Salad on toasted foccocia with lettuce and tomato.

The boys made better choices. David got a Big Sur personal-size pizza which cost $8.99. It contained Ultimate Red Sauce, Canadian bacon, chicken breast (there we go again), mozzarella, Cheddar, Swiss, and Parmesan cheeses, red onions, and sautéed mushrooms. He was pleased with the dish.

Jonathan also liked his California Chicken Salad on toasted foccocia with lettuce and tomato ($5.99). He would order that sandwich again.

Ultimate California Pizza does not serve desserts, though we were full enough not to need anything else (except a “doggie box” for our leftovers). The resident cat at our hotel, and the seagulls, got a good breakfast the next morning.

Ultimate California Pizza

Big Sur personal-size pizza.

Ultimate California Pizza

A California Cabernet merges with the California decor.