Searching for Serafino's

587 Burcale Road, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

By Patricia B. Mitchell, 2006.


The last two times we've been to Myrtle Beach, we spent a great deal of time and effort driving around trying to find Serafino's, and we even had the street address! This time we tried again. After more futile searching, we asked for directions. We had done so in the past with no success, but this time my husband encountered an off-duty UPS driver at a service station. The man said that there was no way to describe how to get there, but he happened to be going that way, so we could follow him. Well, victory! We finally found it. (Here's a map, offered with hopes that you will have easier success!)

The place was nothing to look at, it was cold inside, and it took forever to get the food. I was beginning to think that we had sure wasted a lot of energy on this project. However, the excellent main courses, when they were finally ready, made me feel better.

Our daughter Sarah had one of the best pizzas she'd ever eaten. It had mushrooms and feta cheese on it, and the cook was very generous. It was a 10-inch pizza and cost $7.25. There were leftovers, of course.

Hubby Henry ordered the Gyro (with fries). It was first-rate. However, the side salads were inferior — small, with iceberg lettuce, very little tomato, onion, and cucumber; no crackers, and commercial dressing. The Gyro Plate cost $7.25.

I requested a chicken Gyro which was even better (we both agreed) than the beef/lamb Gyro.

If you can find this place (which has a fairly extensive menu), you'll probably like it. (Hint: it is in the general vicinity of the old Waccamaw Pottery shopping center. Inconveniently, one cannot exit off US 501 directly to Burcale Road.)








Interior view of Serafino's.