River City Café:
Myrtle (Burger) Beach

By Patricia B. Mitchell, 2005.

River City Cafe

Our goal while visiting Myrtle Beach is not to personally support the Divine family, but we certainly do end up contributing to their financial stability by often eating at one or more of their restaurants. The food- and decor-savvy corporation has twelve eateries, some of which have several branches. On our most recent Myrtle Beach trip, we sort of accidentally found ourselves dining at Divine establishments for four out of six meals.

For us, eating at the River City Café nearest the Pavilion (404 21st Ave North — see map) is something of a family tradition. A beach trip without that experience would seem incomplete. On our latest Myrtle Beach visit, the late November weather was so pleasant that we were able to enjoy dining at a porch picnic table. We started munching the free salted-in-the-shell peanuts even before we got the menus.

Squirrels, pigeons, and other birds awaited our alms. My husband Henry and I ordered the regular Hamburger ($2.95). Sarah ordered the Peanut Butter (and ham-) Burger ($3.65). The good quality meat and nice add-ons always gaurantee a satisfactory burger (though Sarah was disappointed that the preparer forgot to serve her lettuce, tomato, etc., on the side, as she had requested). Sons David and Jonathan ordered burger platters, which include homemade fries and slaw. (I ordered a side of slaw, because their coleslaw is some of the best anywhere, to my way of thinking, especially when they go extra-sparingly on the mayonnaise, which was the case this particular day.)

David was well pleased with his Bacon Cheeseburger, and Jonathan liked his Blackened Cheeseburger. — I tasted the “Blackened” patty which had an agreeable, slightly crusty, Cajun seasoning-kissed exterior.

There are oodles of burger places here, and everywhere, but this place does it right. You wait a little while for your order (this isn't exactly fast food), but it is worth it. Just relax. You are at the beach.

River City Cafe

River City's Bacon Cheeseburger.

River City Cafe

Cole slaw.

River City Cafe

River City's Hamburger.

River City Cafe

Winged Victory: a successful peanut beggar.