Tried and True (Though a Little Tired)

Mammy's, 1010 North Kings Highway, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

By Patricia B. Mitchell, 2006.

Mammy's Kitchen

Grilled Flounder.

About a month ago I ordered Broiled Flounder at Mammy's, but I failed to explain that I was trying to avoid lots of fat. The fish arrived practically swimming in butter. — On this visit, I mentioned that meal to our waitress, Diana, and she suggested that I order the Grilled Flounder. I did so. The fish filets arrived, but notice the color! Evidently some of the staff had used part of the grill to cook a non-menu item, perhaps with curry powder or a Mexican spice mixture on it, and some of the snappy hot flavor and color ended up on my flounder. Actually the fish tasted pretty good, but it was not what I was expecting. The requested lemon slices were disgustingly dried out and brownish on the ends.

Mammy's Kitchen


The accompanying baked potato was very nice and the iceberg salad was generous in size. The blue cheese dressing was so-so. (I realize that blue cheese dressing seems an odd choice for someone trying to avoid fatty foods, but, hey, a happy gal has to splurge sometimes, and a little blue cheese dressing is one of my indulgences.) Yummy commercial crackers were provided — a brand I hadn't seen before.

Mammy's Kitchen

Grilled Chicken Breast.

Henry ordered the Grilled Chicken Breast. It was fabulous — moist, tender, and a huge portion — even more than he could eat. He also ordered the potato (his wasn't baked as recently as mine) and the salad. We each had a cool glass of Chablis to accompany our meal.

Last time we were here somebody on the staff was feeling creative, for pretty orange slices decorated each plate. This night there was nary a parsley sprig, so, as you can see from the photos, the entrees were not beautiful. Nevertheless, Mammy's food is abundant and reasonably priced; the place seems sanitary; and the restaurant is open from early 'til at least 9 p.m.

Mammy's Kitchen

A glass of Chablis.

Our waitress Diana (who also waited on us the last time we were there) did all she could, under the circumstances, to serve us well. She had a whole section of the restaurant to tend, and was quite obviously being run ragged. (This was just after Labor Day and all the college-age staff had left to go back to school, but the summer abundance of customers had not yet diminished.) Despite its flaws, however, Mammy's still holds a warm place in my heart.