Campbell Family Food Depot & Grill
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

By Patricia B. Mitchell, 2005.

Campbell Family Food Depot & Grill

The Campbell Family Food Depot & Grill is located at 1101 10th Avenue North (Mr. Joe White Street), near old downtown Myrtle Beach (see map).

Matthew Campbell knows how to cook. Call it “soul food,” if you like, but I just call it good ol' Southern cooking.

On a recent visit to this restaurant/take-out place/variety store, my family met the engaging Mrs. Albertha Campbell, and her husband, “the man at the stove.” Fourteen years ago, Mr. Campbell (formerly a cook at the Dunes in Myrtle Beach), his wife, and grown children moved their business from a smaller, nearby location, and got busier than ever. — Now Mr. Campbell is cooking up a storm to keep up with the demand for his deservedly popular meals.

When my family and I arrived, the lunch special, baked chicken, had run out. So three of us ordered fried chicken, and two chose the very commendable BBQ. Other main course choices, such as fried shrimp, are offered.

With the entree you get a large serving of excellent rice and gravy, cornbread, a choice of two vegetables, and iced tea. The food comes in a ready-to-take-out, compartmentalized Styrofoam container, perfect for a tourist to take back to the hotel, or a workman to take to the work site.

I had the best collard greens I've ever eaten. (Ask for some vinegar — that makes 'em even better.) The macaroni and cheese was comforting, and the lima beans earthy-good. Hog meat flavors most of the vegetables, as is typical of authentic, traditional Southern/soul/country cooking. For around $6.00, you can get a delicious, filling, complete meal. (The building used to be a filling station, as a matter of fact.)

Sandwiches, such as a centercut pork chop sandwich ($2.60) are available. The Pork Chop Sandwich was served on thick bread with lettuce and tomato, and looked most tempting. The restaurant also serves breakfasts. This is genuine nourishment. I recommend it!

Campbell Family Food Depot & Grill

Mrs. Albertha Campbell presides over the front of the establishment.

Campbell Family Food Depot & Grill

Fried chicken, cornbread, lima beans, and macaroni and cheese.

Campbell Family Food Depot & Grill

Barbecue, collard greens, lima beans, and rice and gravy.