A Subway “Station” on Railroad Avenue?

Hammond, Louisiana

By Patricia B. Mitchell, 2005.

Hammond Train Station

Hammond's real above-ground train depot is several blocks north of the Subway sandwich “station.”

My husband, two of our children, and I ate at the Subway on 1635 Southwest Railroad Avenue in Hammond, Louisiana on the eve of Independence Day. (On and around the 4th of July, lots of places were closed, so we wound up at good ol' Subway, which we normally love. However, when traveling in southern Louisiana, one can usually find remarkable non-chain eateries…)

Anyway, the food at this Subway was fine. Henry and I used to always get a 12-inch cold cut and split it, but for nutritional reasons, years ago we switched to either ham or turkey… It is interesting that at some Subways those two kinds of sandwiches cost the same, and at other Subways they cost different amounts; and what is really odd is when a 6-inch turkey sub and a 6-inch ham cost the same amount on a menu, and the 12-inch sizes cost different amounts. Weird… The Hammond Subway ham was nice.

Sarah got the tuna, and Jonathan got the turkey. On a hot Louisiana July day the free drink refills were especially welcome.

Oh, the most fun thing…there was a poster announcing the upcoming auditions to be held for the television show Wheel of Fortune, which was going to be televised from New Orleans.

We found it a bit amusing that this south Louisiana Subway was on Railroad Avenue — a ways south of the town's renovated train station. Sarah recently read an old guide which mentioned that New Orleans area soil has “high humidity”! Let's just say that all things subterranean in this part of the world — and a lot of things above ground, too — are wet, thus subway conveyance would be impractical.

But this Subway's sustenance was very practical!