“Gallop” Into the Kitchen:
Pots On ’N’ Kitchen Restaurant, Harbinger, NC

By Patricia B. Mitchell, 2004.

Penny Gallop Bowden and Hagan Fischlschweiger are co-owners of Pots On ’N’ Kitchen restaurant, located on the Currituck mainland, just over the Wright Memorial Bridge in Harbinger, North Carolina. My family and I dined here on a recent Outer Banks vacation. Tanya Neeland, a relative, was hostess that night.

We enjoyed our dinner in the family-oriented eatery with the “funny” name. (It comes from a frequent statement of Penny's mom which meant, “Please come in and eat with us. The pot of food on the kitchen stove is ready and available.”)

The restaurant was established in 1987 by Ginger Gallop Bowden and her cousins, sisters Joyce Hines and Katherine Johnston. (Katherine is now 88, but still comes in to peel a pot of potatoes every morning.) I had some of those potatoes, mashed — very thick, rich and buttery. Daughter Sarah had the potato casserole made with cream cheese and chives.

A large choice of vegetables is offered with the entrees, which range from fried shrimp to pork tenderloin dishes.

Sarah and son David ordered the fried shrimp. David says that the shrimp and the cole slaw he chose were both the best he ever had. Jonathan had fried clams, husband Henry opted for a garden salad and a bowl of gumbo, and I chose broiled sea trout.

Rather than bread, diners are served sweet corncakes (flat, like pancakes) along with the entree. Cheerful Nancy Barfield, our waitress, took good care of us.

David selected Hershey Pie for dessert, which he graciously shared around with other family members who were eyeing the slice of pie greedily. (I was one of those eyers.)

Wine is available. The restaurant offers a child's menu.

Lunch is also served, plus a hearty “country” breakfast. The restaurant grows its own blueberries, so fresh blueberry pancakes are summer favorites.