A Subway in a Hub of Activity
Port Wentworth, GA

By Patricia B. Mitchell, 2006.

The Subway at Port Wentworth, Georgia, near Savannah, is in a large Pilot service station complex at Exit 109 off I-95. There is also a McDonald's there, and one can sit in either restaurant's dining area. “We're all one big, happy family,” an employee told us. “One man owns both franchises.” The facility, which is also a sort of variety store (and gas station, of course), is clean, well-lit, and busy. Even late at night lots of folks were eating and buying stuff.

Our Subway sandwiches (a messy 6-inch meatball sub for daughter Sarah, and a 12-inch ham sub for Henry and me) cost more than the average Subway sandwiches, but they were very good. However, they were out of onions! Very disappointing for me, a great onion lover. Nevertheless, the pleasant service and interesting surroundings made it a welcomed road-trip break.


Henry and Patricia's ham sub.


Sarah's meatball sub.