Amici's of Athens (Italy Invades Greece?)

By Patricia B. Mitchell, 2005.

Amici's, Athens, GA

You know the saying, “Be all you can be?” Amici's (233 East Clay Street in Athens, Georgia — also see their website) does not, unfortunately, live up to that motto. Perhaps because the eatery has an “automatic audience” in the student body of the University of Georgia, they do not seem to try hard to please.

The night we were there, my husband ordered a King Caesar Salad as a main course. The waitress brought out a different salad. My daughter and I ordered a medium-size pizza with veggies on one side and shrimp on the other (ordering different toppings on the two halves was a menu option). Well, we saw no shrimp on the shrimp side.

When we pointed out the mistakes, our cheery waitress, seemingly unfazed, took the “boo-boo's” back to the kitchen and eventually returned with a salad which was closer to what Henry had actually ordered, and the somewhat cool and slightly greasy pizza belonging to Sarah and me.

Sarah and I had started our “culinary adventure” at Amici's with side salads which were room temperature (and the salad Henry got was also unchilled). We are accustomed to mixed greens and so forth being cool and crisp. The tomato-basil dressing was a bit sweet; the Ranch dressing was so-so.

The pizza which we ladies had was, despite its being served at the wrong temperature, quite tasty. It was well-seasoned and the sauce was not too sweet.

Jonathan ordered a Grilled Chicken Pesto Sandwich and a Pasta Salad. The salad happened to have black olives in it, which he doesn't care for. Otherwise, he liked both the salad and the sandwich.

The atmosphere at Amici's is typical of a college town — bouncy energy, noisy, fun. If the staff and management would try a little harder, they could be “high achievers” in the world of casual dining.

King Caesar Salad

The King Caesar Salad (second try).

Side Salad

The Side Salad.

Medium Pizza

A medium-sized pizza.

Grilled Chicken Pesto Sandwich with Pasta Salad

Grilled Chicken Pesto Sandwich with Pasta Salad.