Feeding the Hungry — Waffle Houses, USA

7999 Pensacola Boulevard, Pensacola, Florida

By Patricia B. Mitchell, 2005.

When you need food at a late hour, Waffle House is a welcome sight. On a recent road trip, my family and I were trying to “out-run” a tropical storm and a hurricane. We found ourselves in Pensacola, Florida, very late at night, and we were very hungry. Waffle House was there.

Our daughter Sarah opted for a breakfast plate — eggs scrambled with cheese, grits, and cinnamon-raisin toast with apple butter. The eggs were soft, cheesy, and very good. The grits were a little thin, but OK. The toast was fine.

My husband had a hamburger which was A-OK.

I chose the grilled chicken sandwich, which turned out to be the best one I've ever had. (And I've ordered 'em in fast food places and upscale, full service, sit-down restaurants.) The chicken was tender and flavorful; properly cooked (not dried out), nice and hot.

The service was quick, the waitresses and cook/manager pleasant and capable. I'd give the restaurant an A.