Superb Choices

Tony's, 1150 River Road, Calabash, North Carolina

By Patricia B. Mitchell, 2006.


Henry ordered the Gyro at Tony's in Calabash (see map). It was wonderful, as always. (Henry says it's one of his two favorite sandwiches in the whole world.1) — I inquired about the possibility of substituting grilled chicken strips for the lamb/beef meat on the Gyro (I seem to have developed an allergy to beef…). A grilled chicken salad is on the menu, so I thought a substitution would be simple, but such a gyro was not available.

Therefore I selected the small Greek Salad, which was splendid.

The food served at Tony's seems to be top-quality. We have eaten at the place several times, and have never been disappointed. There are many menu choices — pizzas, subs, pasta dishes, etc. — so 'most anyone could eat happy at Tony's.




Greek Salad.


  1. Henry's other favorite sandwich is the Shrimp Po'Boy at the Check-In-Check-Out in Slidell, Louisiana.