Pizza and More in “The Seafood Capital of America”

Text by Patricia B. Mitchell, 2002.

Baby pepperoni pizza

Baby pepperoni pizza at Tony's.

Little Calabash, North Carolina, is about 30 miles north of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, but it is worth the drive from the beach. There are excellent seafood restaurants in this about-to-become-trendy fishing village, “The Seafood Capital of America, ” but if you want a nice place for lunch (while you try to save room for a big seafood dinner) or a nice place for supper (when you already got your fill of sea denizens at lunch), Tony's Pizza at 1150 River Road is a fine choice. The modest-looking eatery offers savory pizzas and spaghetti, satisfying subs and sandwiches, mouth-watering Greek salads, palate-pleasing gyros (see separate article), soft drinks, beer, baklava, and lemon pie.

Small Greek salad

Tony's small Greek salad.

My family and I just recently discovered this restaurant, thanks to the recommendation of a waitress at another Calabash restaurant when we inquired about good sandwiches. (Her place serves seafood.)

We were impressed with the quality of the food and the pleasant service. Our teenaged son David describes the “baby” pepperoni pizza ($3.75) at Tony's as “very good, very messy.” Our daughter Sarah and we all laughed at the “Small Greek Salad” she ordered, priced at $3.50. It was No Small Thing! It would be astonishing to see the regular $5.50 size! Son Jonathan got a “safe choice” — the turkey sub ($4.50) — good, no surprises. Henry and I thoroughly enjoyed the gyros ($3.95 each). (See gyros article.)

Turkey sub

A turkey sub.

Owner Gus Stathos has been preparing “good eats” at Tony's since 1980, so you know he's doing something right. You can bet we will return to 1521 River Road in Calabash — we need to try out that baklava and lemon pie.

Gus Stathos

Gus Stathos has been the genial proprietor of Tony's Pizza since 1980.

Sandy Hardy

Sandy Hardy has been mainstay of the waitstaff at Tony's Pizza for 20 years.

Dr. George Stathos, MD

Dr. George Stathos, M. D., son of the proprietor, is very much involved in the business.